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Here you will find some of the earlier projects that I have worked on in my career that have been significant to my development, either on a personal or creative level. These projects represent significant milestones in my career and enabled me to learn a lot more about myself as a creative.
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The Honey Man Promo Materials

I was asked by The Birmingham Rep Theatre to help with the promotion of their upcoming play, ‘The Honey Man’. I joined this project as a digital assistant where my main role was to update the existing marketing materials to target a younger audience.

Once the main design was signed off, it was then rolled out across the board to all the other theatres that where scheduled to show the play, such as The Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton and The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.

The Honey Man Promo

I also created the the promotional trailer for the play, which was to be used across all social platforms. The trailer combined custom graphics based on the updated promo designs and backstage interviews.


The Honey Man Digital Edits

During this project, I also created some digital assets that were to be shown during the play using digital projection. These assets consisted of background elements that needed to be edited and recomposed to fit around the story of the play.

The above example shows that the original image was flipped and the individual characters repositioned and recoloured.

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Replay Events Magazine Adverts

Replay Events Ltd is a UK-based company specialising in the organisation of video gaming events and the supply of games consoles, computers and related equipment.

One of the first major projects I worked on for Replay Events was to design the key art and additional morketing assets for their major event Play Expo.

Once the main design was finalised, I would repurpose it across a number of platforms including digital display adverts and magazine adverts.

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Replay Events Posters

I went on to continue working with Replay Events, providing the main artwork for their subsequent events accross the country, assisting with the promo materials, assets and more.

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Replay Events Print Materials

During my time working with Replay Events, I created many print assets also, such as event banners, newspaper adverts, and signage.

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