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When not working on client projects, I always like to take some time out to experiment and explore my craft. I feel that it’s important to be self motivated and show that you can remain creative and have the ambition to learn more, even when you don't have a client brief in front of you.
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Grande Lucha Federation

For this project I challenged myself to create a character a day for a fictional wrestling corporation called the Grande Lucha Federation. I also designed a unique logo for each character. In total, I created 30 different Luchadors over the course of a month.

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Dragon Ranger

I am a big fan of pixel art and a big fan of Tokusatsu shows such as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider so I decided to combine these two things together to create a piece based on my favourite Power Ranger, the Green ranger.

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Wedding Booklet

In August 2021 I got married! I designed the order of service booklet for the wedding in the style of a glossy magazine.

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Wedding Book Inside

Our Wedding booklet included facts about us, fun games wedding guests could play during the reception, and most importantly, how I proposed!

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Draw This In Your Style Challenge

Illustrator Dapo Adeola had a Draw This In Your Style Challenge on his social media channels where he posted a picture of the characters he designed for the book ‘The Last Mirror on the Left’ written by Lamar Giles. I had fun re-imagining the main characters from the book in my style and even got some praise from Dapo himself! 

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