Cube PCs

Branding / Website / Layout

Cube specialises in building custom gaming PCs and have been established in the industry for over 20 years. They decided that their branding needed a refresh to better reflect their status and the premium nature of their products. I was asked to create the new  branding and assets, as well as the new website.
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Cube Logo Breakdown

After discussing a number of potential options, the above logo was chosen as their new brand logo. It was said that it perfectly capured the brand’s ethos and message, and that it would be adaptable across a range of platforms. 

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Cube Website Homepage

I then went on to create their new website which was dark in nature, with the intention of helping the logo and the products stand out  remain the focus.

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Cube Instruction Manual

I also created a series of social media and web based promotional graphics for the brand, and also the PC instruction manual.

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Cube Product Label

Once the new logo was finalised, the metallic sticker label was produced to be placed on all Cube PCs moving forward.

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Cube PCs Poster Advert

Above is a mock up poster advertisement for Cube PCs.

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