Print / Digital / Iconography  are a tech company that specialise in selling products such as laptops, TV's, gaming monitors and computer components. At the time I started working with Box, they where just about to go through a massive rebranding project.
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Product Website Banners

The overhaul included their existing brand identity and company website. During this time, I was brought on board to assist the design team with the changeover, and to create additional design materials such as website banners and more.

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Social Media Graphics

Above are a selection of social media graphics I created. These graphics consisted of designs promoting internal sales and offers, and designs for external companies such as Acer, Dell, Samsung and Asus.

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POS Product Cards

Once the re-branding period was over, I would then go on to produce POS displays, monthly brochures,  billboard designs and more.

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Promotional Product Flyers

I also designed a set of promotional product flyers that where to be displayed in the Box Showroom store. This designs utilised Boxes new style guidelines focusing on clean lines and white space, allowing the products to be the focus.

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Category Icons

Above are a small sample of the category icons I created for the Box website during the rebranding project. These would be used on the new site design to help customers easily identify their chosen catergory,  at a glance. 

Featured Projects

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Branding / Website  / Layout

Cube PCs

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Pryde Apparel

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