Childcare For You


I was asked to design and create a brand new lifestyle magazine based around childcare from scratch. This project also included designing the main logo of the magazine, and also the overall style and theme. 
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Childcare For You Cover

The Childcare For You magazine features news, tips and advice all based around parenting, nutrition and other topics of interest. The target audience for this magazine was mainly parents with children of all ages, but could also be found useful for nursery teachers, carers and child minders.

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Childcare For You Contents Page

While desigining this magazine, I decided to colour code each of the main sections throughout so that it was easier to find the neccessary information you were looking for. Each section is in chronological order and goes from pregnancy all the way up to preparing your child for school. 

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Childcare For You Inside Pages

The Childcare For You magazine has been distributed throughout the UK, and is currently being prepared for the US market.

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