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Illustration / Branding

Growing up, I always had a passion for reading and illustration. Later on, as my design career developed, I found myself creating more graphic design work, rather than exploring character design and illustration. In  2017,  I decided to  write and illustrate a series of children’s books.
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My Current Set Of Children Books

Since starting off with my 1st colouring book in October 2016, Little Milo Books has grown to include Story Books, Stickers, Birthday cards, toys and more. My main reason for creating these children’s books was due to the lack of diversity within the childrens publishing industry. 

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BBC Midlands Today Feature

Because of the work that I have done with my books, I have had features on BBC News and  in the Sunday Express Newspaper. I have also read my books in a number of schools across the country and also put on workshops based around some of the themes in my books, such as self acceptance, friendship and self confidence.

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 Amari’s Brand New Look

At this time, I have published Five Story books and am working on another two books which are due to be released during 2023.

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Santana’s World Colouring Book

The Sanatana’s World Colouring books includes games such as spot the difference, dot to dot and also features Santana with a range of different hairstyles. This was done to promote creativity and individuality and also to let children know that its ok to be themselves and that they don't have to look like others.

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Featured Projects

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Childcare For You

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Print / Digital / Iconography

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